Gameloft recently released Let’s Golf! 3 HD within the Android Market which lets you play friends from worldwide. This edition enables you to go six locations including the Great Wall of China and Outer Space. As much as 4 players can compete on the internet and locally (via wi-fi and bluetooth) or about the same device.

lets golf 3 hd android

You may create your personal unique golfing avatar by choosing mixtures of clothes, hair, gear and more, and you will find four games modes to progressively unlock: Stroke Play, Match Play, Shootout, and Close to Pin. What’s more, it includes some mini-games like Catch the Star, Target Range, and Putting Master to apply specific skills.

This is graphically appealing game, but be aware that you’ll need 1.4gb of space to set up this bad boy. Upon downloading in the Android Market, you will end up prompted to set up two game packs that happen to be 815mb and 604mb each to get a total of 1.4gb.

Download Link:

Gameloft Lets Golf 3 HD

In August, Google released a preview build to the Google TV SDK, and Google announce the ultimate version which went live yesterday.

google tv

The differences between these two builds are minor, though the Action Bar is horizontal like Honeycomb tablets. Additionally, they added additional on-screen fast access keys for picture-in-picture, fast forward, and channel buttons.

Since we’ve the final version we need to see some really nice development. we’re excited to see what Google TV becomes with the Honeycomb update.

Via : Google Tv

The iphone 4s is the first Phone that we can called as a world phone. That means iphone 4s has both a GSM and CDMA radio to help you make use of a micro-sim card from your local GSM carrier, if you travel overseas.

iphone4s unlocked

According to Macworld, Sprint and Verizon will certainly offer iphone 4s by having an unlocked micro-sim card slot. It means if you buy an iphone 4s from Sprint or Verizon and travel overseas, you’ll be able to insert an area GSM micro-sim card with your iphone 4s. Another side, AT&T continue to give the iphone 4s with a locked micro-sim card slot. This means if you are intending to obtain AT&T iphone 4s, you will be expected to pay AT&T’s roaming charges, whenever you travel overseas.

Sprint iPhone 4S is going to be unlocked from the first day while you can get your Verizon iphone 4s unlocked on request after 60 days, if the account is good standing. So if you’re planning to be a Sprint or Verizon iphone 4s customer travel overseas, you can use a micro-sim card coming from a local GSM carrier to are charged for heavy international roaming costs.

The Samsung Stratosphere will likely be hitting Verizon soon on October 13th. In case you missed the specs with this single-core 4g slider, you’ll be able to catch them in the manual linked below. There isn’t any pricing listed because of this device, but we expect it to fall into the $150 range over a 2-year contract.Again, there’s always room for any mid-level slider out there.So stay tuned as this new android smartphone will rock your world.


Samsung Stratosphere User Manual

Halloween is simply just about to happen and when you’re looking for a zombie blasting good time, developer xoobis is set to release the sequel on their smash ios hit Zombie Wonderland, Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, for the Android masses.


The game continues to be slated to have an October release and Xoobis released new trailer to remind us of the company’s impending arrival. Gameplay is often a mixed bag of tricks featuring colorful graphics, fun character designs along with a mish-mash of gaming genre’s.

A build of Google Music, specifically 4.0.1, may be leaked from a “lost Nexus Prime.” Even though the back story isn’t doubt shady and convuluted, let’s just skip ahead towards the updated app shall we?

google music 4.0.1 leaked

The newest version of Google Music has a revamped interface, more options, better controls, and overall more polish. You’ll likely notice a number of subtle movements that have proven to utilize space more effectively. Many of the bigger differences are the inclusion of your search key (Ice Cream Sandwich has no dedicated hardware search key) and also more options and information on tracks currently playing.

You might encounter an oversight when attemping to install the APK. In that case, it’s likely you’ll want to uninstall the music app you have now. After which the install should work.

To uninstall the music app:

Head to settings, applications, scroll to the music app and uninstall.

Download Music 4.0.1

Deadlock, a no cost multiplayer shooter game is just released. Deadlock is compatible with iphone, ipad and ipod Touch also. In the event you diehard fan of multiplayer games, then you should consider this. Deadlock is often a dual-stick shooter game designed by Crescent Moon Games LLC that one could play online with as many as eight other players through Game Center.


1.Gorgeous 3d Graphics
2.Up to 8 player online multiplayer action.
3.Over 30 weapons including assault rifles, sub machine guns, grenades and more.
4.Robust loadout system including multiple weapon attachments, and armor.
5.Three Gameplay modes at launch including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture & Hold.
6.Thirty ranks to earn with rewards for each rank you earn.
7.Asynchronous Online Tournaments – automatically be entered into new tournaments running every day and every week to win unlock points which can be used to unlock new weapons and items.
8.Gamecenter integration for tournaments and achievements, character stat tracking.
9.Character synchronization between multiple devices (iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch)
10.Five Maps at launch with more on the way.

Deadlock can be acquired free of charge to experience for a limited time.

Download Deadlock free from iTunes

Google’s next-gen Android platform dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich looks sure to make an appearance at next week’s CTIA event. Samsung has recently begun teasing information via videos for the CTIA Samsung Unpacked event and today the official Android Developers YouTube channel is confirming a similar.


The Android Developers YouTube channel has posted the next live stream titled “Android ICS Launch” and it’s scheduled to take place in a little under Five days. This channel is the place we got our start looking at Android 3.0 Honeycomb, so the appearance of the scheduled live stream pretty much confirms the launch for in the near future.

Android 2.4 or 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would have been a unifying platform that will operate on both smartphones and tablets. It was first announced back at Google I/O which is supposed to launch with a new hero device rumored because Nexus Prime produced by Samsung. Teaser renderings in the handset in profile view have surfaced having a full frontal rendering being leaked just earlier today.

Make sure you check those out then stay tuned for more to put all the upcoming info and hands-on because we’ll be there live at Samsung Unpacked to take all of you the details.

Tim Cook just pulled the covers away from the hotly-anticipated iphone 4s throughout Cupertino, making 2011 the first year inside the company’s current stint in the smartphone business who’s decide to launch three new handsets (Verizon’s CDMA iphone 4 included, naturally). On the exterior the 4s looks the same as its predecessor, but on the inside it’s “all new.” Apple has jammed a dual-core a5 CPU inside alongside a fresh dual-core gpu that supposedly boosts graphics performance by around 7x. At the start is similar 3.5-inch retina display we’ve all visit know and love, and around back is often a glass plate. Those antennae around the sides (which caused many users much trouble) have been revamped and iOS will intelligently switch between two different sets on the fly in order to avoid dropping calls no matter how you possess it. Those antennae are attached to a dual-mode GSM and CDMA radio that can let Apple’s handset roam the globe while enjoying either 14.4Mbps HSPA+ or EV-DO Rev A.


Around the back can be another new camera that sports an 8-megapixel camera which has a backside illuminated CMOS sensor for better low-light performance. The lens now comes packed in a new 5-element assembly having a hybrid ir filter and sports apertures down to f/2.4. The raised visuals extend to video performance also. The 4s can record 1080p video and contains a fresh image signal processor for image stabilization and facial recognition, making the handset’s camera comparable to many point-and-shoots. You can be considerably faster than many other smartphone shooters, needing merely one.1 seconds before being prepared to go ahead and take first shot and only half an additional between successive images.

The 4s is additionally the first Apple handset to come packing Siri virtual assistant tech baked in. Just tap the mic around the keyboard (just like on Android!) and start talking to enter text, look at the weather, get directions or perform web searches.

As far as battery life, you want to at eight hours of talk over 3g, and 14 hours of 2g, while web browsing over 3g reduces at 6 hours. Using WiFi you’ll get a respectable nine hours of web, video playback tops out at 10 hours and music at 40 hours. The 4s will be both grayscale, starting at $199 for 16GB and $299 to the 32GB, however the big news can be a new 64GB model being released at the whopping $399. You can pre-order this friday, October 7th, and will also start shipping on October 14th inside the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. Oh, and Apple is welcoming Sprint towards the family here in the States, while Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Three will all be carrying it in the UK.

Angry Birds Seasons will get an additional up-date referred to as Mooncake Event. Rovios’s latest update for the Angry Birds game honors the chinese Mooncake Festival. It’s the 3000-year-old crop festival. Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Event delivers over Thirty three completely new Chinese-themed levels, chock including chock full of pagodas, rabbits, and also red lanterns.
You’ll find additional 7 invisible bits of mooncake unleashing an added bonus level. Together with that you’re walking another advantage in case you total each of the
amounts with 3 superstars. Using a one-time in-app acquisition of $0.99/£0.59/€0.Seventy nine, you are going to get Awesome Eagle update with regard to Angry Birds Seasons
that actually works about the brand new ranges also. So when you finish them, you’ll get to manage few much more difficulties ahead.

Subsequent are a handful of great features of Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festivity Revise:

Stunning fresh celestial body overhead celebration theme
40 brand-new amounts to evaluate your talent
8 invisible bits of mooncake to collect
Mighty Large eagle available today for Angry Birds Seasons!

Angry Birds Seasons is accessible to be able to download in iphone pertaining to $0.Ninety nine as well as apple ipad tablet for $1.99.

iTune App Store iPhone
iTune App Store iPad

Rumours possess appeared implying in which Apple has decided to be launching a low priced iphone, the iphone Nano which will be 50 % how big is the present
Regarding Apple’s iphone nano specs including impair centered safe-keeping would certainly absolutely send out chills straight down other competitors. Nonetheless, there is
simply no certainty concerning the arriving of such a cheaper along with smaller version sooner.

It’s important that the rumor-mill has been produced eventhough it will not be correct as long as it’s supplying the folks one thing to appear to. The Bloomberg provides unveiled to their news website station that will Apple is to start a small and also inexpensive iphone called “iphone-nano”.Via “different people” briefed with regards to Apple’s what are named as prepare this holds absolutely no certification in any respect.

Alternatives rumored iphone Nano specs and features, the particular iphone nano price ranges would come away as low as Two hundred United states dollar (no-contract) that’s
simply remarkable. At the same time it’s quite concerning as with the 200-dollar valuation on smartphone system, it will be hard to set all the features in the iphone 4 (at the.g: retina present, control power, and so on) into this specific small unit. Furthermore the fact regarding the iPod Touch 4G costing 190 plus dollars will make this kind of rumored Apple task undertake a new needle opening.

Another aspect leading to worry will be it’s dimension, said to be one-third the dimensions of the actual iphone 4 that is 2-3 ins just. It’s extremely unlikely
to take into account employing this gadget to try out online games or perhaps see the internet. Lastly, it’s also described to utilize a General Simulator engineering where
an individual don’t should insert just about any SIM playing cards which usually even though an old news in no way materialized. In addition, it will likely be GSM Per CDMA appropriate beneath one particular roof structure as well. Out from the a number of rumours, the sole plausible factor seems to be the final 1, highly clamored between next iphone 5 capabilities too.

The rumored iphone nano said to be Apple’s 1st cloud based system will consist of no true memory space. Users will certainly keep most of their own files along with
press utilizing a renewed MobileMe program.

Google News for mobile becomes more location-aware, now with your location for everyone up news items highly relevant to your whereabouts.

Friday, Google rolled out the new feature, called “News In your area,” to iPhone and Android owners while using U.S. English edition of Google News for mobile.
Google News For Mobile
“Now you will discover local news on the smartphone,” Google News Product Manager Navneeth Singh says with the update. “We do local news somewhat differently, analyzing every word in every story to know what location the news is all about and the place that the source is situated.”

Google News for mobile will prompt you which has a pop-up message asking if you’d like to share your location. If you undertake to do so, news concerning your location will demonstrate up in the “News Near You” section in the bottom of your respective homepage, and also a “Jump to” drop-down menu will let you proceed to the section quickly.

Google news is a great way to keep yourself updated with your local and international news on the go.

Android phone users can also use there android phone to connect there computers to internet.Native tethering is available on every android since version 2.2.It is also seen that some mobile carriers removed this feature from android phones.But if your mobile carrier didn’t removed this feature than you are lucky and should take the advantage.
Android Native Tethering
To Enable Native Tathering on Android Follow these steps.
1.Open the Settings by tapping the Menu Button.
2.Choose settings then wireless and networks.
3.Then Choose Tethering and Hotspots.

you have two choices either to choose use usb connection over a wire or turn your phone into wireless hotspot.for portable wifi settings you can also use “WPA2 PSK” method for securing your wireless network by setting a password to access it.Its recommended and cool to use this dont want a insecured network by the way.Some mobile carriers also charge extra for tethering.So you should also inquire from your carrirer about it.

We could say that this application was developed to provide a convenient way to translate without switching between applications and translator tool as InApp Translator supports virtually all major languages.
InApp Translator for Android uses the Clipboard to translate all texts we have copied it. We just have to select and copy the text you want and press the T key for instant translation via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or any other application. Comfortable and convenient, always at hand, just long press the T to close the program.

InApp Translator for Android – Description:
Sometimes you want to read an email, a text or an article in a foreign language and immediately need a translator. With InApp Translator allows you to translate all text or part of it in their preferred language without leaving your active application; you can see the translated result in the same place on the screen. In general, this application has been developed to provide a convenient way to translate without switching between applications and translator tools to fashion.
InApp Translator is a dictionary application screen helps you, for example send a quick answer, in any language, when you are communicating with foreign friends via SMS, Facebook or Twitter (even when your Facebook or Twitter is open) . It monitors the clipboard and automatically the content thereof is translated into the target language. You can write your own sentence, translate immediately and paste anywhere.
InApp Translator can also be used as a tool for language teaching.
It is a free application for Android based on Microsoft translator, supporting 45 languages ​​and is compatible with any application that lets you copy text, such as:

– Yahoo and Gmail

– Google Docs

– Google Drive

– Mail to Outlook

– Office Tools

– Viber

– Facebook

– Twitter

– All types of Internet browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc)

– Google Play Book

– Aldkido Book Reader

Translations between the following languages ​​are supported:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong Daw, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Klingon, Klingon (pIqaD), Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh.

InApp Translator for Android – News:

Version 1.01 – Release Version

InApp Translator for Android is available free on Google Play.
Download | Google Play

With CyanogenMod OnePlus One and 11S come a number of dedicated applications that include details that may be better than those found in Android. They are applications such as Camera, Gallery, or a new Theme Switcher allows us to customize our smartphone.

Now all Android users who so wish, can download these applications APK files to install them on any device with green robot OS.
One OnePlus applications and 11S CyanogenMod Android:

App CameraNext
App GalleryNext
App AudioFX
Theme Chooser APK
Topic Great Freedom (only with selector)

No need to be a smartphone OnePlus One, although some of these applications do need the CyanogenMod S11 operating system to function, such as store issues.