The South Korean company Samsung has already confirmed the release dates of several of its main devices for the year 2015: the Samsung Galaxy Mega Zoom Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Active Mini.
During the course of the last weeks we could be seeing as the company Samsung has announced several smartphones: we run into the new family to hit the market, the Mega Galaxy with Mega 5.8 and 6.3, the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy S4 Active resistant to dust and water and the Galaxy S4 Zoom announced the day before yesterday that incorporate a 16 MPx camera.
For all these ads Samsung hopes to have a glorious year with so many pitches, so you can grab much of the market for smart phones. In so far this year and we have seen the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 and still lack the announcement of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that it is safer to be on sale on the market later this year (possibly from October). Between pitches between 5 and 6 months and Samsung wants to keep the audience interested in their devices more products.
Official Release Dates Samsung
The new products will be launched between mid-June and late July. Here I detail below with the official dates:

Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-I9200ZKA) – Black – Week 19 (mid May)
Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152ZWA) – White – Week 20 (late May)
Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-I9200ZWA) – White – Week 21 (early June)
Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010ZKA) – Black – Week 23 (mid-June)
Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010ZWA) – White – Week 25 (late June)
Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-I9152ZKA) – Black – Week 25 (late June)
Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9192ZWA) – White – Week 29 (late July)
Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9192ZKA) – Black – Week 29 (end of July)
Active Galaxy S4 (GT-I9295MOA) – Orange Metal – Week 29 (end of July)

As can be seen in the calendar in the coming weeks and months we will have many interesting and which releases’m sure that will have to talk about.
I am particularly interested in seeing more of the Mega launches Galaxy but others do not have to take their merit.
To you that the device you want more of these?
Leave your opinions in the comments.
Via: SamMobile

Who does not know the game Prince of Persia? I’m sure many of you many years ago as I spent hours after pc playing this addictive platform game. Well now Ubisoft has released a new sequel to this popular and entertaining game for our smartphones and tablets android.
Prince of Persian: The Shadow and the Flame is the new title and continuation of the saga of the prince who was scheduled for the 25th of this month and already have it available for download, only this time with a new and improved graphics gameplay.
As for its features it offers 14 levels that have been set in five different scenarios and a new combat system as could be seen in the video.
This new combat system allows us to choose whether between controlling the character through gestures on the screen of your smartphone or buttons. We will also with weapons and elemental to unlock as you go spending power levels, all this to facilitate our journey over the course of the adventure.
Another unique feature for the Xperia Play is the compatibility and adaptation of the game to use the physical controls of the mobile.
The game will have available in the Google Play Store at a price of 3.57 USD

The Sony Xperia ZL may reach the market in more than just black and white to see this photo of a deep red color. In the past we could see the black Xperia ZL at CES in Las Vegas last white version and really enjoyed the quality of the phone, but the red version will not be seen anywhere. The photo above is apparently a prototype model handled in a launch event in South East Asia, although this does not mean that we should expect a release around the world as the other colors. The design is apparently identical, except for a back plate that is smooth rather than textured.
This is a confusing touch considering the black and white models, which were so extensively as in the main presentation ceremony in Las Vegas. Sony may have some final adjustments to the red model before it is ready for a release of the consumer, or is occupying the third color in a special edition or regional device. Pushing a little red version aside, still we have no firm release date or price for the Xperia ZL (or his brother, Z) anywhere in the world. So if you are interested in becoming one of these devices, we will have to continue waiting for the announcements by Sony.
What do you think of this new color for the Xperia ZL?

As we know, HTC has achieved a good result in sales with High-End smartphone, the HTC One. Now like Samsung wants to keep up taking a mini version of its flagship and today has leaked a new image of this mobile phone and possible release date.
Apparently the company wants to prove he can Htc competition and bring him up with Samsung. This time thinks cope in the medium-high range of mobile devices with a miniature version of the HTC One.
Until now the company has not officially confirmed the HTC One mini, nor its release date. But it was very clear that his existence is true with filtered images last week. In addition, today also leaked a new image that will see in the following gallery.

As you can see in the pictures it is pretty clear that their existence is real and according to Androidauthority source, the smartphone will go on sale from August and not at the end of this June as he had thought.
Possible Features HTC One Mini
This smartphone Android midrange-Alta count with specifications somewhat lower than its big brother the HTC One Original.

4.3 inch screen and a resolution of 720p instead of 1080p 4.7-inch big brother.
Snapdragon dual-core processor 400 in place of the quad-core Snapdragon 600 of the original One.
2GB of RAM
16 GB of internal storage
4-megapixel camera with UltraPixel technology.
Operating System Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Sense interface.

As for its materials, it is safer to follow made of metal in full, the only variant could be seen in the corners, where it would be covered with plastic in order to give a little more protection to smartphone.
For now we just wait the official announcement from HTC, as I said, could be for the month of August according to the source. Also, remember that many of these leaks are indications that the launches are nearby and can become techniques for companies to raise expectations among users and thus boost sales at the time of its release.

Since the great success of Flappy Birds retro 8-bit games have been gaining strength in mobile platforms and operating systems such as Android and iOS. This time it is Timberman, a retro game that apparently is following success so famous Flappy Birds.
With its simple game, retro graphics and a difficulty almost “impossible” has achieved a perfect formula to engage thousands of users. This has been one of the formulas that has apparently been very successful in several similar games like Floppsy Wear Droid for Android is that Timberman currently has with over 500 000 downloads in the Play Store, more than 5000 +1 on Google and 4.5 star rating. Which indicates that the game has been very successful since its launch and has earned a place on many Android smartphones and tablets users.
Timberman Woodman 8 Bit
The dynamic gameplay is pretty easy. Basically it is to go cutting pieces of a tree and not let us touch branches or hit. So we must go dodging branches moving us from one side to the other (left) trying to calculate the distance between our character and branch.
While our lumberjack remains static and branches do not advance but as we cut the tree, how difficult the game is not only dodge the branches but in time against clock we usually diminish fairly quickly and the only way to increase time is cutting pieces of wood.

Another feature of the game is that we have 6 different characters or loggers can be unlocked as you go playing. Some of the costumes are:

Lumberjack typical costume. Red checkered shirt, blue pants and a hat.
Viking Suit
Costume Jason Friday the 13th (Scary Movie)

Timberman has Google Play Games integration so you can compete and record your high scores (main aim of the game) versus the broader community of Gamers on the Google Play.

Download Android Timberman
The game has two versions, a completely free but with advertising and other payment or pro version of where the ads are completely eliminated. Timberman currently supports almost any Android device from version 2.2.
Timberman download for Android and tell us what you thought that if I was hooked.
Timberman236,511 rating offers integrated shopping on Melody Digital aplicaciónpara
5000000-10000000 facilities appears in the list of EA games
 QR CodeInstalar (FREE) widget Playboard

This forecast was already raised in the panorama. It was expected that Samsung batiese its own sales record set with the Galaxy S3, and converting the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the smarpthone with the highest and fastest-selling in its history, and probably surpassing the hitherto leader in world record, the iPhone 5.
Shin Jong-kyun, co-CEO of Samsung has told journalists that his estimates put the barrier of 10 million units of the device during next week, that is, that between the dates 20 to May 26, reaching the figure will be and thus obtaining their highest record sales in the extremely short period of time. Take into account that the device was put on sale worldwide on April 27, in less than a month, it would overcome the barrier of 10 million, that putting into perspective the Galaxy S3 it took 50 days to arrive, which tells us , we’re talking about a turnover of nearly twice that of its former flagship.
Another point to note is the sunrise and the sale of the Galaxy S4 with the company Verizon, one of the biggest mobile operators in the United States from May 23. So there is every reason to think that sales will receive a strong relaunching to aim at 20 million, and from there, to who knows where.
Undoubtedly, the company is living his years of glory and sweet moments. This following a line of successes that closely resembles that of Apple. Good products and people who like (each with completely opposite reasons) and a strong marketing presence to the shore.
Regardless of how many brands and companies to work with the android operating system, Samsung is, today, the motor of Android, a fact that perhaps many will not agree and others will say that there are better devices, but the reality is different, and this is that Samsung leads the market with Android operating system.
One thing if rivals improve and consumers will always demand more or different things. So Samsung will have to go listen carefully to what users and what it calls Android. But this triumph lasted them little.
Source: Korea Times

HTC One Mini 2 is now official
The HTC One mini 2 is now official! After rumors about his appearance on the market, the younger brother of HTC One M8 has been officially announced.
Following the same design lines and trying to retain many of the main functions of the One M8, the HTC One Mini 2 becomes the ideal for those who liked the One M8 smartphone but in a much smaller size and “comfortable “for the hands and pockets (both price and space for storage) hehe.
One of the novelties of this mini version that includes a microSD slot which is somewhat surprising coming from HTC with its One range to which they had never registered. Now a negative is that does not include the double rear camera mostly as brother and as shown in the pictures, being replaced by a single 13 megapixel camera, nothing bad for a mini version.
HTC One Mini 2 Features and Specifications
Like all mini versions that tend to market this device is oriented toward the middle range, will have a lower screen at 5 inches and tell you the HTC One Mini 2 features up to other phones like the Motorola Moto G or Moto E.

Display 4.5 “Super LCD 3 HD (1280 x 720 pixels) 326 ppi
Snapdragon 400 quad core processor at a speed of 1.2 GHz, Adreno 305 GPU
1GB of RAM
16GB of internal storage expandable with microSD up to 128GB
Front camera 5MP BSI sensor, video recording in HD quality
13 MP rear camera, BSI sensor, f / 2.2
Wireless GPS / GLONASS, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n 2.4 / 5GHz, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC
850/900/1900/2100 MHz
LTE bands 3, 7, 8, 20
microUSB 2.0
Battery 2100 mAh
Weight 137 grams
Kit Kat Android 4.4 with HTC Sense layer 6

As for the colors the HTC One Mini 2 will be available in Grey, Silver and Gold to give a little to choose users and remember that this terminal is completely sealed and cash so you do not backshells exchangeable as it is in For Samsung Galaxy. Like the One M8 this feature the powerful sound system BoomSound which we assume to be of equal quality.
The One Mini 2 will be available and on sale from June in the European continent, Asia and the Middle East for a price of 449 € in Italy confirmed.
Source: HTC Blog

More and more worrisome news about the new Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems with each passing you get a new defect and in this case we will talk about its internal storage, which offers 16 Gb device that are unreal day.
Apparently many users have not been satisfied with the new flagship of Samsung and this time are claiming that the device advertises have an internal memory of 16 GB of which only have a little more than 8 Gb.
Although nothing new, we all know that some part of the storage capacity of our Android devices is occupied by the operating system and native applications, but in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been a complete exaggeration occupying more than 6 Gb at the 16GB of internal memory that offer are unreal.
At least Samsung is already aware that many consumers are quite upset with the subject, so a Samsung representative explained that the reason for this loss of memory is the FullHD screen Samsung Galaxy S4.
Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB, the ranks 6,85GB operating system, 1GB more than the Galaxy S3. The reason is that to squeeze the power of its high-resolution screen, it takes more resources.
In my opinion this is a cheap excuse. If we look back, 90% of applications that brings the pre-installed android devices never become used. If it were to take this into account in the future we could be talking about that Android phones have larger storage capacity.
Moreover they had saved a little discomfort they have with the users of Samsung Galaxy S4 if the device had launched market applications as having 8GB of storage, which are the ones that can really use this device … But of course, is better say it’s a 16GB version.

Yesterday Gmail for Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and higher has been updated quite noticeable improvements. How often we have not wondered why you can not answer the e-mails directly from our notification bar? Well now with this update it is already a fact.
You can access the Gmail application in response mode, you can not write the corresponding email directly from the notification bar. This really would be great but for now it is not. However, the update has shortened the way in the process of sending emails.
Other developments include archiving and search of Gmail from the same notification window. The settings are now adaptable to our needs. The process is the equivalent of push notifications and can be combined with existing functions. So, we select what we want to receive emails on the notification bar and select different sounds for each of them making it easy to recognize if a relative, friend or just an email from your work.

Amazon is one of the largest Internet companies so this would be for Google one of its direct competitors. While one of the best things that have come to him were the tablets Amazon Kindle that have generated considerable success. Now if the information published in The Wall Street Times is true, Amazon is preparing three new devices, so Google and other companies should be concerned.
If this information is true, the Amazon tablets are just the beginning of this new competitor in the world of technology with which they plan from two smartphones and a music player and remember that thanks to several modifications to the interface, and especially not to include Google Play, is a fact that should worry the King and estarle Internet giant Google.
Among the leaked information, would be one of the smartphones of high-end, and would have a 3D display without the use of glasses, but using a new technology that tracks the movement of the retinas of the user to place images so that appearing to be “floating”. Even if this would function control interface using only eye movement is applied.
As for the other two devices very little information but it is logical to expect the second smartphone is a lower range and the media player is a version of the same device without the phone functions. something like the iPhone and iPod Touch. All these devices, along with another aimed at connecting with the television, have the key Project A, B, C and D within the company name.
Similarly for the times these teams must be on development, so it is quite possible that these models take several months to get to market, or even get to do any of them.
Would you buy this smartphone with 3D display when they reach the market or any of these teams in development?

Samsung apparently does not stop surprising us. We are currently getting to know what might come with the next release of a smartphone with 5.8-inch screen initial or dedicated exclusively to the European market. SamMobile reports, the future terminal will have a fairly similar to Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 aspect, a media player that only users have been enjoying Korean manufacturer’s home country.
The device carries the codename GT-I9152 and not yet the official name known. It stipulates that the terminal would support the use of two SIM cards simultaneously and market launch with Android 4.1.2 / 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system. If the information found is correct, this new smartphone will be launched only in white color to European markets.
With a size of 5.8 inches, this terminal would outstrip last delivery when Samsung in terms of big screens, the Galaxy Note 2. While it is clear that he has many people do not like the idea of ​​manipulating device such dimensions for convenience, the manufacturer Samsung has shown beat its own sales records with crops Note 2.

Almost a year that had seen a leak of a Samsung smartphone operating system with Tizen but never finish the end hit the market and was not heard more about the leaked photo ago. This time we have more concrete information is that Samsung has finally decided to launch a new mobile market with Samsung Z name but with its own operating system Tizen, first leaving aside the Android welcomed so as to smartphones are concerned.
The protagonist of the next quarter may be the Samsung Z as many will be those who put eyes on this new high-end terminal that meets all the hardware requirements to belong to this category of phones with its Quad processor -Core at a speed of 2.3 GHz and 2GB RAM.
Samsung Z design with OS Tizen
What we can see at a glance it is that Samsung has abandoned the current curved designs that we see in the Galaxy S4, S5 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 3 for implementing a more rectangular design reminiscent phones like the LG L9 and L7 . What has conserving design has been the post-Style Note 3 simulated leather and hand stitching on the edges.
As for the operating system Tizen, Samsung has implemented a very colorful 2D Icons Apple iOS style and Android to be presented in its new operating system. The weather widget is seen in the photo is very similar to the current Android Samsung Touchwiz and apparently is drop-down menu at the top and we do not see a menu icon but an arrow pointing up.

Features and specifications of Samsung Z
Another feature that Samsung has decided to include the reader has been heart rates that we have seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5, which will surely include applications such as S Health and compatibildiad with the Galaxy Gear 2. As for her Mobile hardware is well endowed in terms of processor, RAM, internal memory and an 8 megapixel camera which may have improved a bit to be a high-end.

4.8-inch, Super AMOLED, 1280 × 720
Quad-core processor at a speed of 2.3 GHz (Intel)
2.1 MP camera Front and Rear 8MP
WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, NFC, IR, and 4G LTE
2600 mAh Batteries
Tizen OS 2.2.1
Dimensions 138.2 x 69.8 x 8.5 millimeters
Weight 136 grams

Launch of Samsung Z
The new smartphone operating system with Tizen Samsung is expected to go on sale from the third quarter of this year (July, August and September) starting with Russia and then enter other markets. For the time is said to be available in the colors Black and Gold.
Is this the beginning of a goodbye Android by Samsung? Do you think that this smartphone operating system and Tizen represent any threat to the Titan Android? Leave your comment and do not forget to share this article on the social networks if you like.
Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Today it has been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 outsells the Galaxy S4. News that comes straight from the mouth of the director of Samsung Mobile JK Shine. So far Samsung has sold 11 million units of the Galaxy S5, ie 10% more than the previous flagship smartphone and last year, the Galaxy S4.
A few days ago from South Korea had been informed that they were about 10 million units sold in 25 days, and now with the figures given by Shin seems they were actually right. Now one of the points that stands out is that JK Shin has defended very well the sales of Galaxy S5 while commenting that should also increase profit margins (currently 19.8%) to continue making front quarter and not lose fee the market to increased competition as this 2015 case we can also expose are sales of Sony Xperias who have achieved a turnover of 8.8 million units sold to date.
Great sales for a terminal bit Innovative
Samsung has focused on defending sales of Galaxy S5 arguing that have left aside a little more “amazing” technologies to focus more on what I practice. Recall that there have been many criticisms until now this new flagship of Samsung that presented was unique and innovative reader heart rates, from rest has the same functions and features that many other smarpthones currently get in the market and even a few and had since last year.
Anyway this is definitely great news for Samsung it seems that every day grows more, so your marketing strategies have yielded very good results. Now we must wait and see what the next mobile to file for the remainder of the year if it wants to continue underperforming and innovate a little more against the competition.
Source: WSJ

The new version of Adobe Flash Player for Android is now available. His last Apk date it is possible to download to your smartphone, tablet or mobile device Android.
Many of you already must know that Adobe announced some time ago that he would not support the Flash Player for new versions of Android Ice Cream Sandwich starting from 4.0.x onwards.
So if you have left to do it is to give support to the existing version of Flash Player for Android OS below 4.0.x so this upgrade is fully compatible with existing devices that have Jelly Bean despite not appearing in the lists of certified and / or supported devices.
How to install Adobe Flash Player for Android
The latest update to Adobe Flash Player came a couple of days ago in version and already the apk is available for download.
 To install it on your smartphone, tablet or mobile android just have to do the following:
1. Download the apk file from the official Adobe website: Link
2. Copy the downloaded into the memory of your device or search for it in the Downloads section of your smartphone or tablet if it came down directly from your phone or mobile device file.
3. Verify that you have activated the “Unknown Sources” option in your Android device to install external applications. You find this option in Settings> Security> Unknown sources.
4. Having completed these steps, look for the apk with the file browser you have on your Android and install the .apk file. (If you have downloaded from your device just go to the Downloads section, you want the file and give it to install)
5. That’s it! and with this you can enjoy a full navigation experience on your smartphone or tablet to view all the interactive content.
NOTE: Not all web browsers support to display Flash content, such as Chrome, so to see this content you need to have installed on your mobile device one of the following browsers for Android:


Dolphin Browser

Opera (Opera Mini does not support flash)

These browsers can get directly in Google Play Store or Aptoide for download.

Sony has officially confirmed the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Xperia V, Xperia T and Xperia TX. Revealing what exactly is new in this firmware upgrade, which not only brings the usual Google Jelly Bean but few other extras Sony.

The update includes new and redesigned multimedia applications like Sony Walkman for music, photo and video album. There are also customization options on the main screen, including support up to seven screens, and auto-resizing of widgets. The changes make it easier to create folders, and now has a search box.
Sony also promises improvements in cameras, including a new option of “auto” scene, and a button to switch between the front and rear camera.
Xperia V, T and TX owners, do know in the comments if you already got your upgrade to Jelly Bean. As always, the devices be blocked by operators may take a little longer to update. Sony says the update is only available through PC Companion or Bridge for Mac application “in some cases” so you can see for yourself on your computer if you have not turned anything by OTA.